Monday, January 18, 2010

Dyeing Yarn

Me and a friend of mine spent this past Saturday dying yarn. It was a lot of fun to decide what colors that I wanted my yarn to be. I knew that I wanted mine to be a multi colored yarn.

We first had to soak the yarn before the process started. It almost looks like spaghetti in this pot.

I decided that I wanted my yarn to be blue with some greens and browns. So we first tested the blue dye in a sample jar.

We put the yarn in a pot of cold water and decided to add the blue dye to the pot first and swish the color around leaving some of the yarn hanging out of the water.

Then we added chestnut brown on one side of the pot. And then yellow sun to the other side of the pot. This time we did not swish the color around we wanted it to remain in place.

We let the temperature rise to almost a simmer and then added vinegar to the water. Then we had to let the yarn sit in the water at the same constant temperature for 30 minutes until the water was clear. This is how it looked after that process.

Then we had to let the yarn stay in the water until the water completely cooled. Here are pictures of the final result. I was very happy with the turnout!

I was very pleased with the color variations. I cannot wait to see how it will knit up. I will post pics of whatever I knit it into.

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